Salamanca, is renowned around the world for its venerable university and for its artistic and cultural heritage: two cathedrals, palaces, churches, its renowned Plaza Mayor… with a variety of architectural styles: Romanic, Gothic, Plateresque, Baroque…

Salamanca is a Unesco designated World Heritage Site.

Salamanca has been a European Capital for Culture since 2002.

It is a safe, sustainable and cosmopolitan city with a unique characteristic that encompasses tourism, culture and leisure activities: its rich cultural heritage.

There is always a sense of cheerfulness and vibrancy in the streets of Salamanca, both night and day, because Salamanca has a great nightlife.

And if you are looking for a break from the cultural activities, why not try one of our alternative tours…shopping, tapas, restaurants… there is a great selection of restaurants thay you will love to try.

Its capacity and modern infrastructure will help you to guarantee the success of your event. And behing each collaborating company, you will find a highly professional and skilled team that is specialized in client assistance services.

Discover the endless possibilities of leisure activities and incentive trips that Salamanca has to offer with its made-to-measure programmes.

Salamanca, by far the best choice.